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The Fatima Old Boys' Association (FOBA) has devised a unique response to its mandate to create activities and mechanisms to support the development of the College.


It’s The Fatima Loyalty Card.


This Card will be offered to all those who hold Fatima College near and dear, as more than simply an educational institution but a precious place that provides the wherewithal vital for the young men of our country to become the well-rounded contributors to our Nation's development and maturity. 


Supporting this Loyalty Card is equal to enabling Fatima College, which is akin to empowering Trinidad and Tobago. That is the full measure of the Card, and the full value of your support for it. 


The Card is available for a wide range of Holders who will be offered an equally eclectic mix of establishments offering a fine selection of gifts, discounts, and privileges.

Our Mission

The Loyalty Card underscores the quality of loyalty—it allows the Cardholder to be recognized as a ‘loyalist’ to the cause of Fatima’s development and well-being, as well as it facilitates Cardholders to demonstrate and enjoy the fruits of that loyalty by accessing gifts, discounts, and privileges from select establishments for use at any occasion.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We at Fatima Old Boys' Association (FOBA) are continuing our search for mechanisms to raise funds, and to sustain a loyalty relationship between Fatima and its old boys, current boys, future boys, parents and other relatives, teachers, supporters, and committed Nation-builders.

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